Our story - Dan Kellys Cider
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Our story

Dan Kelly’s Irish Cider is made from apples harvested in Boyne Grove Fruit Farm, our own family farm in the Boyne Valley at Drogheda.


Dan Kelly’s grandson, Gerry McNeece brought the farm from the Cairnes Family in 1962. We have, along with our staff, always made some cider for personal consumption, but it was Olan, Dan’s great grandson, who decided to bring it to market in 2013. “We just had to do it”, said Olan, “After all, we have the apples and we love cider! It’s only natural!”


We decided to name our cider after our great grandfather Dan Kelly, who drove a train for the Great Northern Railway. The main Dublin-Belfast line runs through our orchard, and Dan would have passed regularly driving “The Enterprise” express train. Dan Kelly lived to the ripe old age of 91 years, and we think of him every time the current express passes through.


We are excited to see our cider for sale through Ireland (and beyond) and are proud to see that Dan Kelly’s name lives on.