The Cider - Dan Kellys Cider
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The Cider

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The Dan Kelly’s Cider family has a range of four different blends:


Our Original Cider is a refreshing and natural drink that is perfect for any occasion. Cider apples are blended with Bramley and dessert fruit to give it a dry finish. This, mixed with a light carbonation, allows the flavour of our apples to shine through.


Our Whiskey Cask Cider has been fermented in Bourbon casks for 6 months & matured for 12 months. It has a light golden colour, is mildly carbonated and is full of sweet and oaky flavours. There are no artificial flavours or preservatives and is a great option for coeliacs or vegans.


Our Single Variety Cider No 1  is a refreshingly crisp cider made from just one type of apple. It comes in a 330ml bottle, is highly carbonated and goes particularly well with food.


Our Coll’s Craft is the latest addition to the Dan Kelly’s Cider Family. It was created by Niall Collier, a cousin of the Dan Kelly’s family. He works on the farm with us and in the cidery, so it’s safe to stay he knows his cider. When he got the opportunity to create a new blend for Dublin’s Big Grill Festival he jumped at it and Coll’s Craft was born. It’s lighter on flavour but full on for refreshment which also makes it perfect for pairing with food.


What makes our ciders unique is that we don’t only manage our own orchards – we handpick our own apples too. The orchards cover 80 acres and boast 20 different apples, harvesting between mid-August to late November, and sometimes even December. We are one of only a few cider producers in Ireland who grow our own fruit.


We don’t use sulphites or cultured yeasts. We don’t add acid, artificial colours, sweeteners or anything else. We simply press the apples and let wild yeasts do their thing.


Our ciders are available internationally as well as in stockists all over Ireland. We hope you enjoy our ciders and find them as refreshing as we do.