Listen back to Dan Kelly's on the Radio - Dan Kellys Cider
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Listen back to Dan Kelly’s on the Radio

Listen back to Dan Kelly’s on the Radio

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Over the last few months we’ve had the pleasure of talking about our cider, the story behind the name and apple growing on various radio shows. Some of you may have listened in but if you didn’t, here are two of our favourite on-air appearances.


So why does craft beer get a better deal from the Government than craft cider? We spoled on behalf of Cider Ireland – the overall body for Craft cider in Ireland.!rii=9%3A20865224%3A1523%3A17%2D10%2D2015%3A

The Sod Show

A few weeks ago we spoke to Peter Donegan of the Sod Show about cider making. We also chatted about the art, skill and challenges involved in apple growing and how the harvest impacts the cider. Not just for the horticulturalists among you!

Beer Sessions

Earlier this year we headed West to New York and enjoyed a really fun, cider fuelled conversation with well-know New York Publician Jimmy Carbone. Craigies Cider joined us and it made for a great evening of chat about what makes Irish craft cider so unique. It made for great radio too!