A quick (and very tasty) mulled cider recipe - Dan Kellys Cider
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A quick (and very tasty) mulled cider recipe

A quick (and very tasty) mulled cider recipe


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a glass of mulled cider. Some can be quite complex but others can be very straightforward. This recipe is a foolproof way to make a brew of delicious, traditional and very festive mulled cider.

What you will need…
– 1 litre of Dan Kelly’s Cider
– 100ml of Stameen Farm Apple Juice
– 4 cinnamon sticks
– 1 apple halved and cloved
– 1 star anise
– Zest of an orange
– A pinch of nutmeg


Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and simmer for 30 minutes – don’t boil. Transfer to a heatproof bowl or keep warm in a slow cooker until ready to serve. Ladel into glass cups and enjoy!