Pairing cider with food - Dan Kellys Cider
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Pairing cider with food

Pairing cider with food

While some foodies might turn up their noses at the prospect of pairing cider with food, with the onset of more varieties to the market and the greater appreciation of the craft of cider, this attitude is changing. Cider is, of course, a fruit-based drink and very much like wine, it can be sweet or dry, quite still or very sparkling. Cider’s depth of flavour can complement certain types of food and dishes. Let’s take a look at some of these dishes.

Pasta and Risotto

Pasta dishes with rich, creamy sauces work well with cider as the cider can cut through these, especially any that have chicken or fish through them. Risotto and cider also work well together too, so it makes a perfect accompaniment.


When you consider just how many cheeses work well with apples, it isn’t hard to see why cheeses like Camembert and Gruyere work particularly well with cider. This is why this makes the perfect snack if you want to showcase a variety of ciders to any of your guests.

Roast Pork

The pairing of pork and apple is one that has been around for centuries, and you can understand then why pairing roast pork with your favourite cider is going to be a perfect match. Whether it is a roast pork Sunday dinner or the ever-popular pulled pork, this works exquisitely with cider.


Depending on how hot you like your curries, a nice cold cider can be a perfect match to these. However, we prefer a milder curry, such as a Korma or Passanda and a medium dry cider goes well with these.


These two go hand in hand, whether you decide to use the cider for cooking the mussels, or indeed as an accompaniment.


Particularly on a summer’s day and especially when the salad contains chicken, ham or cheese.

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